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Cheese "RICOTTA" in the range with a fixed weight of 2OO g

10 advantages of RICCOTTA cheese

  1. ""Ricotta" is a fresh product with a light caramel flavor.
  2. Cheese is characterized by a lower digestibility compared to conventional cottage cheese.
  3. "Ricotta" is made from cow's milk, contains a large number of proteins and has an increased nutritional value, due to the high content of whey proteins (albumins).
  4. About 90% of the total protein content in Ricotta cheese comes from whey proteins.
  5. Whey proteins are absorbed by the human body much better than conventional milk proteins (caseins).
  6. "Ricotta" is very rich in calcium: 100 grams of the product contains 20-25% of the daily calcium requirement for an adult.
  7. Calcium is well absorbed by the body, thanks to the balanced content of milk fat in the ricotta.
  8. Cheese "Ricotta" can include in their diet not only lovers of cottage cheese, but also people who do not tolerate ordinary cottage cheese because of its high acidity.
  9. In the production process, no preservatives are added to the ricotta.
  10. Cheese "Ricotta" is widely used in the preparation of various brackish, sweet dishes and baked goods.

Fat content: 8%

Weight  ~ 0,2 kg

Implementation period - 60 days

Cheese "Capresi Clite" in the range with a fixed weight of 100 g

Soft cheese "Capresi Elite" has a delicate texture, creamy taste and aroma. Cheese is useful because of the optimal amino acid composition and whey protein content. This product is quickly and easily digested in the stomach.

Cheese "Capresi Elite" is produced both without spices, and with various spices (cumin, paprika, fenugreek, etc.) Only sliced and packed in a convenient package is an excellent option for a quick snack at work and on the road. Cheese "Capresi Elite" will be an indispensable addition for a fresh salad of vegetables and unusual decoration of the composition of your holiday table.

Look for the new "Capresi Elite" in stores of your city!